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NECRONOMICON…the Thrash Cult One moment that will undoubtedly go down in the annals of Thrash Metal history occurred in Germany August of 1984 when four young men, Freddy, Lars Honeck, Jürgen Weltin (Jogi) and Axel, decided to launch what was to become the countries’ cult Thrash Metal Band – NECRONOMICON. Recognising the urban character and punk roots that made the band so original, fans and media alike responded enthusiastically to the debut album “Necronomicon”, which caught the attention of the Thrash Metal scene, and garnered not only praise for the band, but also created the solid foundations of a fan base that has remained with the band throughout the years.  NECRONOMICON’s second album, “Apocalyptic Nightmare” was released 1987 and interest in the band continued to grow significantly worldwide, with South America, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and Russia becoming strongholds. The hit singles, “Magic Forest”, “Dark Land” and “Possessed by Evil” have become Thrash Metal classics and taken on cult status. The legendary album, “Escalation”, followed, climbing to the Top 30 in the Rock Charts in Greece, but NECRONOMICON’s future was not to be plain sailing. Gama Records’ lack of support and inconsistencies caused many problems, and the band was forced to go through a long and expensive court case in order to regain ownership of its own name. On top of this, co-founders Jogi, Lala and Axel were unable to continue with the band through either health or personal reasons leaving Freddy as the only original member, and he made NECRONOMICON his life’s purpose and passion. In 1993, “Screams” was released, but NECRONOMICON was dealt yet another body blow, this time losing all their equipment when the rehearsal room burned to the ground. To make matters worse, the new label disappeared shortly after releasing the album, and the band was once again cheated..  But NECRONOMICON’s determination pushed the band forward and after the demo “Possessed Again!” came the highly acclaimed fifth album, “Construction of Evil”, in 2004. The outstanding reviews were a soothing balm on the band’s wounds as they watched it rise to Number 6 in the Spanish charts. The fans went wild and begged for more. „Revenge of the Beast „appeared in 2007 and for the first time in the band’s history NECRONOMICON signed with a foreign label. With good reviews and media interest, the band was lifted “out of the shadow” of the great Thrashers, making it into the top 20 of several Rock Charts and going on to capture many new hearts whilst on tour in Europe and Russia.  Even the toughest critics would have to agree that a band which has a fan base that has not only remained loyal, but constantly pulls in new young fans must be endowed with a character and identity all of its own that makes it stand out from the masses.  December 2010, Freddy had been busy writing new songs for the highly anticipated new album, “Invictus”. With “Invictus”, NECRONOMICON’s individuality and skill in terms of song writing goes from strength to strength, exceeding all expectations with a full sound and terrific production. 2015. With the new label SMP/Trollzorn and the Promotion Agency „ ShureShotWorx“, now, the time has come to produce the long expected 8th album with 11 fullminent tracks who´s gonna kickn´ass and which will bear the name: „Pathfinder….between heaven and hell“ Let there be no doubt in anyone’s mind – NECRONOMICON has never been stronger!

Martyr’s intricate and aggressive Technical Metal style is built on complex structures which allies a multitude of emotions from many different musical approaches. The music is not limited to the conventions of traditional metal music, the band striving to push those limits to create a more open-minded concept.
During the 80’s the band has been seen as one of the most important Dutch Metal bands that arised from the lowlands.
In the mid zero’s the band reunited to re conquer this position , touring all over Europe and releasing new albums with the same vision and attitude and without limitations.

Das Jahr 2007 – ADLIGATE wurde geboren und der Vorsatz war: Grooven und aufs Maul geben soll es! Nach verschiedenen Lineups in jeweiligen Chaptern (vielen Dank an Hendrik für die schöne Zeit) stellte sich dann im Jahre 2014 eine völlige Kehrtwende ein: Aus eher Metal entwickelte sich Adligate zum groovenden Monster mit geilen Riffs und es konnten für diese Formation die geilsten Chapter Mitglieder gewonnen werden die für dieses groovende Monster nötig sind! An den irren Vocals – Dome, Guitar – Riffmonster Michael, Bass – Jen, groovende Drums – Sue.

FORTY SHADES, an atmospheric Hardrock Band of 6 people, was founded in 2007 in Solothurn/Switzerland by Tobias Gut (Keys/Piano) and Manuela Kraller (Vocals, Ex-XANDRIA) under the name NAGOR MAR. This formation began in the first place as a female-fronted Symphonic-metal Band which orientated itself on Bands like Nightwish or Evanescence and realized a 3-track Demo recording in the Weltraumstudios in Munich. However the band faced turbulent times due to differences in musical opinion and taste which caused some changes amongst the members of the band.

In 2009 it was Tobias Gut and the drummer Chris Wittwer – the hard core of the band – who then decided to move away from the classical symphonic Metal style and create their own musical visions. The search for appropriate musicians led them abroad and it wasn’t until 2012 that they found the two Guitar players Raphael Crivelli and Lukas Mielniczuk, the Bass Joel Brechbuehl and the singer Tosse Basler. The new band was then established under the name FORTY SHADES. Newly formed synergies enabled FORTY SHADES to leave old trodden paths behind and create an exciting and refreshing world of sound. Their potency in regards to precision, passion and decision works like clockwork and interlinks each individual talent to one unique spherical orchestra of Metalrock.

The culmination of this working process is the debut album “Camera Silens” which will be edited in spring 2015 under the label 7hard (7us media).
FORTY SHADES are ready to share and celebrate their music life with fans and friends of spherical Metal. They transport their listeners in to new musical dimensions and ignite new creations of atmospheric Hardrock. Besides life shows FORTY SHADES are continually developing their music style and are presentably writing new songs for their next edition.